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Digital learning


Building learning that sticks requires powerful and interactive eLearning experiences
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Bespoke and accessible

We design and create bespoke eLearning solutions including compliance, induction, product training, leadership and professional development.

In consultation with you we create courses that meet your specific requirements, including responsive design, courses that meet accessibility (WCAG) standards and can translate courses to multiple languages.

Micro eLearning

You know you need train your staff, but you don't want to impact business performance, and your workers don't want to spend hours completing mandatory learning. Micro-learning is the perfect solution!

Through effective storytelling, interactivity, the use of animations, videos and simulations we create short and engaging learning that sticks.

Compliance training

Compliance training refers to educating staff on laws, regulations and policies that apply to day-to-day responsibilities, such as workplace behaviour, work health safety, information security and workplace ethics. All businesses have an obligation to educate employees in these areas.

Talk to us about building customised modules for your business.



Engaging learning or marketing content requires great writing and story-telling

Instructional design

Good learning begins with great program design.

Our instructional designers are experts storytellers. Whether you need facilitated learning or storyboards for your eLearning modules our consultants will create interactive and scenario-based learning experiences to engage your learnings and create 'learning that sticks'.

Technical writing

Our technical writers use their writing and communication skills to make complex information easier to digest.

Whether you need a system guide, help files or user guides or quick reference cards, they will transform your complex and technical documents into clear and concise documentation that your audience will easily understand.

Copywriting and social media

Connecting with clients through thought leadership is essential in today's fast moving business world.

Our copywriters can create engaging blogs and social media posts to connect you with your clients, tell your story, educate your audience, and build brand awareness and credibility.

Visual designers


Visual engagement is imperative to capture and maintain audience attention
Visual design

Graphics design and photography

Visual engagement is imperative when designing learning or digital content that will engage the audience and take them a journey.

Our photographers and graphic designers are experts in creating visual experiences that are emotive and engaging. We use stock imagery or our photographer can also visit your business to take photos that can be used in your learning or on your website.

Communication and

Successful workplace learning requires proactive communication and marketing. Our visual designer team can help you design digital internet or intranet solutions. We can also work with you to create other learning collateral such as handouts, quick reference materials or flyers.

Animation and video

Today's learners respond well to visual learning. They are used to watching a short video or animation to consume learning on the fly. We can work with you design and create engaging short animations and video bites to communicate important learning to your workplace.



Regardless of the style of training successful communication is imperative

Face-to-face / Train-the-trainer

If classroom training is the right approach for your business, we can assist you in developing the training program. We'll design the program in consultation with your subject matter experts and create appropriate materials.

Once the training is ready to rollout, we can either facilitate the training on your behalf, or up-skill a team of champions from your business to deliver the training.

Conference / Workshop

Our facilitators make the workshop or conference process easier and more effective.

By using one of our exteral facilitators you can add structure and create an atmosphere of neutral or unbiased facilitation.

They are able to bring fresh perspectives to the discussion, ask the difficult questions and confront assumptions. Importantly, they will keep the group moving forward when dealing with difficult or controversial issues.

Webinar / Podcast

Online seminars or podcasts are a great way to deliver your message to large and/or geographically dispersed audiences.

Designing and delivering engaging webinars or podcasts that keeps your audience connected can be challenging.

Our designers and facilitators can help create an experience for your audience, whether staff or customers, that cuts through effectively delivers your message.

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