About Us

eLearning made easy


The story so far...

With over 20 years experience in learning we've seen a lot. Our founder started her journey in facilitation and classroom learning design, delivering face-to-face training for corporate clients in the early 1990s.

By 1995 our software training manuals were being used in classrooms across Australasia, as businesses raced toward a new 'normal' where workplace 101 meant a computer on every desk.

Learning is about embracing change and adopting new ways of working and as we stepped into the new millennium our focus shifted to developing e-learning and supporting businesses on their change journey through project management of learning initiatives.

Today we work with our clients to deliver fit-for-purpose learning experiences that enable team members to realize their personal potential in their day-to-day role

Where to next...

We're still passionate about learning! It's our goal to help you and your employees to put your best foot forward and keep it there. We'll help you achieve that through participation in powerful, relevant and engaging 'learning that sticks'.

So why don't you join us on the journey!